Medical Affairs

Medical communication remains a core function of medical affairs. As the medical organization evolves as a strategic pillar in the pharma biotech and medical device industries, the need to deliver impactful scientific communication will grow. EmpiricBio supports our clients’ efforts to develop foundational narratives and scientific platforms:

Publication and Congress Planning and Content development

We help you deliver on your medical strategies and objectives.

Medical Writing

Creating clear and concise medical content for various purposes such as patient education materials, scientific publications, and regulatory documents.

Scientific Symposium Management

Organizing and coordinating scientific conferences and symposia to facilitate knowledge exchange and collaboration among researchers and healthcare professionals.

Health Technology Communication

Explaining the use and benefits of medical devices, digital health solutions, and telemedicine platforms to healthcare professionals and patients.

Continuing Medical Education (CME)

Organizing educational events, webinars, and conferences to support ongoing professional development for healthcare providers leveraging digital platforms, face-to-face interactions, and virtual engagements.

Multimedia Production

Creating visual and interactive content, including videos, infographics, and interactive tools, to enhance medical communication efforts.

Social Media Management

Managing healthcare organizations’ presence on social media platforms, engaging with followers, and disseminating health-related information responsibly.